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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Stitcher's Companion Embroidery Hoop Box...

Supplies Needed:
6 six inch wooden embroidery hoops
1 wooden plaque approximate size 6 1/4 inches radius
Wood stain
Old Sock
Rubber Gloves
Wood Glue
Small paint brush
Drill/Drill bits
Hinge and Screws
Mat Board
DMC Pearle Cotton
White Craft Glue
Glue Gun
Complimentary Material
Stitched Piece
Spray Adhesive Craft Glue
Cotton Batting

Step One:
Disassemble all the hoops and remove the stickers from each piece. Lightly sand all the pieces and any tacky residue left over from the stickers.


Step Two:
Put on rubber gloves.


Get your wood stain.


Get your old sock and stain all the wood pieces.

**HINT: protect your work surface with an old newspaper!

Once all are stained; let dry.

Step Three:
Get your wood glue (I use this brand):


And using a paint brush run a line of glue along the edge of the inner hoop of the embroidery hoop.


Start building your box as such:



Once you have a stack of five inner hoops built. Line the bottom hoop edge with glue and press firmly onto the wooden plaque.

Then paint a line of glue around the inside edge as shown (glue dries clear and becomes invisible). Set aside to dry overnight under some very heavy books so that all edges make contact while drying.

The next day, when the "box" is dry, take the outer hoops and load those onto the inner hoop box. Tighten screws.

Mounting the Lid

Step one:
Take an inner hoop and use as a template to draw a circle (inside of hoop) onto mat board. Cut out. Spray with adhesive craft glue. Mount cotton batting on top, trim.

Do the same thing for the outer hoop (the one with the screw) except using as a template trace the outside of the hoop onto mat board. Cut out. Spray with adhesive craft glue. Mount cotton battng on top, trim.

Step two:
Mount the smaller circle with the complimentary fabric. Set aside.

Step Three:
Mount the larger circle with your stitched piece. Set aside.



Step Four:
Attach the outer hoop to the inner hoop, run a line of glue around the edge and mount the stitched piece mounting on top. Place under a heavy book or two and let dry.

Step Five:
Take your hinge and mount onto the back of the "box" directly across from the screws on the topmost hoop.

HINT: how I did this was held my hinge in place made two small pencil marks where the screws were to go, drilled a small way into the hoop where the pencil marks were - just enough so that the screw would have a start. Put a dab of glue on the hoop by the screw holes. Held the hinge in place and screwed in the screws. The glue will go down into the hoop wood as you are screwing and will give added support.

Step Six:
Once the top mounted lid peice is dry, using a glue gun run a line of glue around the inside edge of the hoop right up next to your mounted/glued stitched piece. Place the coordinating material circle inside. Press firmly. This will be the inside of your "lid".

Lay the "lid" on top, aligning the finger screws in the front, lay the hinge up against the "lid" make your pencil marks, drill the beginning, lay a dab of glue, screw in the screws.

You are done and now have a most beautifully perfect:
 The Stitcher's Companion Embroidery Hoop Box


BBD Stitching Box Side View

BBD Stitching Box inside

Note: I made a circular pincushion for my needles to be housed inside my box as seen above.

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