Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Rusched Ribbon...

Gather Supplies:
  • Ribbon - your choice of kind, your choice of width
  • Needle
  • Thread that is in complimenting color to ribbon chosen
Thread a needle with a long piece of thread. Knot the end. Now, using a running stitch, zigzag back and forth along the width of the ribbon - making little "triangles" like shown in picture:

Step One:

Step Two: Gently (so as not to break the thread), bunch the ribbon downward toward the knot - what results is beautifully rusched ribbon!
Continue in this manner, until your length of rusched ribbon goes completely around your finished item. Make a knot on the other end and then fold over the ribbon (just a bit) on both ends and tack into place to make a beautiful length of rushed ribbon with perfect ends. Attach to the item you are embellishing with your method of choice.