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Monday, December 13, 2010

Pressing your stitching projects....

1. Dress your ironing board correctly.
My ironing board has a layer of thin foam, then two ironing board covers for added cushioning, since I iron lots of stitching on it. You want it cushy so that your stitches are not flatened during the ironing process.


2. Use a pressing cloth...
or if you are like me, save old muslin scraps and fold them for added cushion and protection of your stitches - this will help protect any beads/buttons that may be added to your project.

3. Lay your stitching FACE DOWN on top of your pressing cloth.


4. Iron quickly on high heat.
Steam is great to use IF you have stitched the item in colorfast thread (i.e. DMC) overdyes are not colorfast and may bleed if steam is used, please use caution!


5. Perfect!