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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Ornament Cording and Hanger 1...

I have been e-mailed many times by curious followers how I do my cording around various projects to make it look seamless. This is one way that I do it.

Either purchase or make by hand a length of cording. Find the center of it and lay it aside. 


Take your Flat Ornament Finish and starting on the bottom, lay a thin line of White Craft Glue along the edge.


Take the center of your cording and place it in the center bottom of the flat ornament, lay each "leg" of the cording down along the edge.


Turn to one side lay a line of glue and press the cording leg along the edge, repeat on the other side until your ornament looks like this:


Lay a line of glue along the top edge, press the corresponding cording "legs" along the edge until they meet in the middle, cross them like an "X" as shown below.


Thread and knot the end of a needle and tack the two legs together at the "X" (do not end off with the needle and thread, leave it attached for the final step!)


Hold the two "legs" of cording together, measure up about 3 inches, make a knot and clip the ends - this makes the hanger. The knotted end will effectively be "hidden" in the branches of the tree so the cording around the ornament is seamless!


Now take a bow that you have made and using the needle and thread for the "X" tacking step (that you left in the project) Tack your bow down into the cording at the "X" junction as shown:


Admire that seamless cording, that fabulous bow, and beautiful ornament! How perfectly simple, Right?!

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