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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Embroidery Hoop Scissors Keepe...

Supplies to make one just like mine:
4 inch embroider hoops
2 wooden plaques (mine came from Hobby Lobby Craft Stores)
Wood Glue
Small Paint Brush
Wood Stain
Rubber Gloves
Old Sock
Drill/Drill Bits

Step One:
Remove all the stickers from your wooden products. Sand lightly to get rid of gnarls and any sticker residue.
Disassemble (separate) the inner hoop and outer hoop of the embroidery hoops.



Step Two:
Put on some rubber gloves, grab your stain and old sock and stain all wood pieces. PROTECT your work surface with an old newspaper. Let dry.




Step Three:
Once all wooden pieces are dry, take your wood glue, small paint brush and "paint" a line of glue on the edge of the inner hoop.

Here is the wood glue I use:

Start stacking the inner hoops together, one on top of the other. Mount all of them onto one of the wooden plaques and glue in place. Let dry.

Finally add the outer hoops and tighten down until you have a piece resembling this:

Step Four:
Drill four holes into the other plaque. (HINT: have your scissors handy so that you can check to see if they fit!)

Sand the top, sand the inside of the hole. Restain top and stain the inside of the scissor holes. 


Step Five:
Line the top hoop rim with glue and place the top plaque on firmly. Let dry.

HINT: I also put a heavy book or two on top so that the whole piece would dry with the edges all touching.


Step Six:
Add your scissors and enjoy!
Hoop Scissors Box