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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Altoid Tin...

This is NOT exactly how I would do things today...however I get asked a lot of times why I took the "old" tutorial off the web. it is again until I can make a better more up to date one. 


List of Materials Needed:

Empty Altoid Tin
Stitched Piece to fit on top
Matting Board to mount stitched piece
Matting Board to fit in the inside bottom of Altoid Tin
Quilt Batting
Tacky Glue
Embellishments (braided cording/complimenting material/etc.)
Mat Knife

1. GLUE quilt batting to top matting board and inside matting board
2. Mount and glue down top, bottom and sides of stitched piect to top matting board. Secure with clothes pins until glue is dry.

3. Cover top of tin with glue and mount top stitched piece onto tin:

4. Repeat the above steps with the inside matting board; instead of using stitched piece use complimentary material.

5. Make "no sew" band; as shown in pictures:
cut long, thin piece of material , but glue down both sides

Fold over top; finger press

fold over bottom; finger press; set aside to dry completely
Glue "strap" onto the bottom material mounted mat board piece...this "strap" will hold scissors in place.

6. Spread glue over bottom of tin and place material piece inside; you may embellish with a bit of cording around the edge - glued into place.

7. Take business card sized magnet and glue into top of Altoid Tin - magnet will be secure place for needles to rest. (this step not pictured)
8. Embellish the outside of tin with braided cording around the stitched piece and then around the bottom. I also added a beaded "handle" for ease in opening the tin (this was done by gluing beads on a straight pin and sticking the pin (with glue) into the stitched piece.

Now you have a beautifully finished Altoid Tin that you can take on your travels with you so that all your stitching necessities (needles, scissors, marking pins, etc) all enclosed in a beautiful little tin!

Finished tin

Inside (handmade, complimentary marking pins on end (right)

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