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Monday, December 15, 2014

Making the Bow...

Supplies Needed:
Ribbon/Chenille/Twine/Cording (whatever you want to make into a bow)
Straight Pin
Tacky Glue

take your ribbon and make your first "leg" of the bow.

make the second "leg" of a bow. This sort of like making a pretzel. Now "play" with it. Is the loops the right size? Are they equal? Does it look good? Cut your ribbon off the bolt now. 

thread a needle and knot the end (this is good to have read and waiting) and come up from the back.

Begin to wrap it around the center. 

Hold the bow firmly and wrap the tread around the center, pulling FIRMLY to pinch the center of the bow. 

Take a couple of small stitches through the ribbon and under the circling wrapped threads and end off; cut thread. 

Hey look! It's a bow!!

flat (hard) projects: (like ornaments, flatfolds, wallhangings, etc.) I like to put a straight pin straight through the middle, place one drop of glue on the spot that you want it on your piece. And push it in - I use the small hammer in the background there so that my fingers don't get sore and bloody (believe me- it happens!)

Soft projects (like pillow ornaments, felt layered ornaments, etc) I actually will not cut off my thread and sew the bow in place on the project. 

No matter how you do it: You'll have perfect bows every time!

If you want a cluster bows...just either make two bows and sew them together at the center or make TWO "legs" on each side of the center and go on as above. That makes bows that look similar to this one:

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