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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Scissor's Fob....


Items you will need:
1.) stitched piece and coordinating material
2.) trim: chenille, cording, braiding, etc.
3.) filling: walnut shells (sold as bird/lizard litter), polyfill, polypellets, etc.
4.) sewing machine and/or thread and needle

Step 1:
Trim linen to 1/2 inch on all sides from the edge of stitching and cut a piece of coordinating material to exact size as trimmed stitched piece.


Step 2:
Pin the two pieces together; right sides together.

Step 3:
Using a 1/4" seam allowance sew together leaving about a 3/4" space on the bottom for turning.
sewing machine

Step 4:
Clip corners (diagonally close to seam, but not INTO seam), then turn out.


Step 5:
Use a corner tool to gently poke out the corners.

Step 6:
Fill with crushed walnuts (or filling of choice), fill until firm.

Step 7:
Blind stitch opening closed.
blind stitch


Step 8:
Couch chenille trim see diagram (or trim of choice) along the seam; at the top of the fob; make a loop for connecting the fob to your scissors (keep it short), tie a knot and scoot down until it is nestled against the fob, tack in place; continue couching chenille (or trim of choice) until the ends meet, then clip and end off. Use a tooth brush to gently "fuzz" up the chenille to make it fuller and to also help the clipped ends to disappear.

couching stitch

The Finished Fob:



"Maddie Button" Fob and Set
Designed by: The Scarlett House ~ Tanya Brockmeyer
Copyright 2011

*You may learn more about Maddie Button, about other wonderful designs put out by Tanya and where to purchase them at The Scarlett House

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